Ampütator- Deathcult Barbaric Hell [Vinyl Reissue] (Album Review)

Musicians: Ampütator
Album Title: Deathcult Barbaric Hell
Genre/ Subgenre: Black Metal
Label: Greyhaze Records
Release date: May 18, 2017

Ampütator are a black metal band from Rhode Island/ Connecticut. Deathcult Barbaric Hell is their debut album and was originally released in 2007 on CD and cassette. On May 18 of this year, it was released and remastered for on vinyl by Greyhaze Records.

Right from the get go you realize that this band is true old school black metal. The influence of bands like classic Emperor and Darkthrone dominates the sound and feel of the music and album throughout. The consistent and almost droning blast-beat drumming is accompanied by saw like guitars and inhuman/ demonic vocals.

The album opener ''Rape Kill Annihilate'' rips from the very intro with a chainsaw sound that cuts right through the bone. The brutal blast-beats further decimate the listener. The screams of a dying pig go right into the fast and savage ''Gutterslut'', which is unrelenting its musical assault. There is almost catchy Venom-esque intro to ''Obliteration'' which heads straight into furious Darkthrone territory. Then there is the absolute killer and battering cover of the classic Repulsion track ''Slaughter of the Innocents''. It showcases the band's influences beyond Norwegian black metal. The pummeling ''With Hate'' seethes with just that as it features an angry and cold wall of brutality. ''Extinction Deathmarch'' is a blast of freezing and evil air that is filled with detest and viciousness. Brutal and face slicing annihilation mixes with some chilling riffing in ''Complete Butchery''. This, my favorite track on the album, will make you feel as if a butcher is hacking and slashing your face and body to bloody bits with an evil and uncompromising sound.

While the album, as I mentioned before is remastered, it still maintains a very dirty and low-fi sound to it. This brutal and raw black metal style is for those who wish they could go back to the glory days of the second wave of the sub-genre, when Norway ruled with pure evil. The lyrics and themes are more gore and death obsessed than those bands, were but the sound and musical style completely recall that era. As such, it doesn't break any new ground but honestly there in lies the appeal. If you crave those glory days and love vinyl, then dig right fucking in.

You can order the record, available in black and color, here: https://store.greyhazerecords.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=466

3 out of 5


Horror Crush: Ana Claudia Talancón

Today I induct the first Latina into this site's Horror Crushes, the beautiful and severely underrated, by US audiences anyway, Ana Claudia Talancón!
Talancón was born in Cancun, Mexico on May 1, 1980. In the Latin community, she is best known for her work in Mexican movies and soaps (telenovelas). As such, I already knew her from my family watching the Spanish speaking channels. As soon as I saw her, I immediately thought she was one of the most beautiful women on those channels/ programs (which is saying a lot!).
This is why I was happy as fucking hell, when I saw that she was in a horror movie, one that was, at the time, getting good word of mouth: Alone with Her (2006). In it, she plays Amy, a beautiful and sweet girl who paints and lives alone with her adorable little doggy. A sick and perverse psycho named Doug (Colin Hanks) sees her one day at the park and quickly develops an obsession with her. He begins to stalk and film and also breaks into her house installing spyware cameras. He uses this to not only see and record her, but to learn about her tastes and habits. He uses this info to try and seduce her. Anytime things don't go the way he likes, IE she dates another man, he lashes back at her, all of this unbeknownst to her.
I remember reading about it in Fangoria, who gave it a recommendation to watch. It was exciting to me, to see Talancón not only being in it, but playing the lead role. As soon as I could I saw it and, if I am not mistaken, it was through blind buying the DVD. And, thankfully I loved it! Alone with Me is one of the finest and most thoroughly chilling and disturbing found footage movies ever made. I usually feel very annoyed by this sub-genre. Although, it wasn't prevalent back then, as it is now, this one used the gimmick to make for a movie that will get under your skin. If you have never seen it, you need to stop doing what you are doing (well OK, finish reading this then go) and see it now! And, then, after that, tell all your horror loving friends to do the same thing!
Talancón is excellent in the role. She is sympathetic, and you genuinely feel and fear for her. Her performance and her character are very believable. This combining with the movie's theme of stalking insures you a horror/ thriller that will stay with you.
To add to the idea of her privacy being broken, we see her fully nude showing, masturbating in bed (albeit clothed), etc. Nude or not, Talancón is a site to behold having one of the most beautiful, natural bodies ever.
I was hoping more would see this film, unfortunately, I don't think I ever met anyone who ever did. Was I the only person who read that Fango loved this one? I don't know, but I hope I convince you to seek this movie out. IFC put out the DVD. See it and let me know what you think about it.
Unfortunately, a lot more people seemingly saw her next horror movie: One Missed Call (2008). This remake of the Takashi Miike movie of the same name is not just one of the worst horror remakes ever, but quite simply one of the most insufferable horror movies to ever be made. I recall watching this as being a fucking chore to finish. Somehow I did, in part cause I just wanted to drool all over Talancón and Shannyn Sossaman. Both are beautiful and utterly wasted, though. Sossaman has the lead role of Beth, and Talancón is her roommate Taylor Anthony. I don't remember much of anything from this festering ball of shit, other than my utter hatred for it.

Some years later she returned to horror with Enter the Dangerous Mind (2013). I haven't seen this one, but it sounds interesting. She plays the sister's friend according to IMBD. Sounds like a small role, possibly. But, I'm certainly curious, as it also stars the lovely Nikki Reed.
First off, Talancón should be in a million other American movies, especially horror flicks! Seriously, why is this woman not in more US movies?! She is an extremely talented actress who gives a great and powerful performances. She also happens to be breathtaking in her beauty. Her body is amazing, her face is beautiful, and her eyes are stunning! There are not enough Latin women in American cinema, and definitely not enough in horror. Even, though the fact is that Latinas are among the most beautiful women in the world.
And, with all of this, I very proudly induct Ana Claudia Talancón into Horror Crushes!
Are you a fan of the beautiful Ms. Talancón? Have you seen Alone with Her? What are thoughts on her and/ or the movie? Do you hate One Missed Call as much as I do? Let me know in the comments section below.


Eyes Set To Kill- 8/6/17- Webster Hall: The Final Shows

On August 8, 2017, I was present for the final metal shows to be held at the legendary Webster Hall in New York City, before it undergoes renovation (it closes tomorrow, Thurs. the 10th). One of the performers, I had the pleasure to catch and report on also happens to be one of my favorites acts: Eyes Set To Kill (ESTK).
I have watched ESTK perform here on two other occasions so it felt fitting that I would catch them on one of the venue's final shows. Led by the always beautiful and extremely talented Alexia Rodriguez, they are always a fun, energetic, and kick ass live band. This night was no different. As they always do, ESTK gave us one hell of a fucking performance!
ESTK began the set with their most recent single the catchy ''Break''. They played a good mix of different eras in the band's history. The set consisted of two songs came from their excellent last album Masks: ''Infected'' and ''Little Liar''. They also played one more new track in the form of the ass kicking ''Survive''. To close off the set, they played two older releases, the classic tracks ''Broken Frames'' and the crushing fan favorite ''Darling''.
Throughout their set the band had the crowd rocking, signing, jumping, and plain rocking out to their kick ass brand of hard rock/ metal/ post-hardcore. I was completely caught up in the moment as I always tend to be at their shows.
Webster Hall will be missed. While, we don't know what the venue will be like when it returns, there is no doubt that we were part of history on this night. And, I am very happy that it involved one of my favorite bands of all time, and that I was there to experience and capture it for all of you.

Where any of you at the show? What are some of your favorite bands that you saw perform at Webster Hall? What are some of your favorite memories from the venue? Let me know in the comments section below.


Girlsway Network Announces Release of New Mini-Series ''A Dirty Cinderella Story''

Pics courtesy of Girlsway

If you, like me, have wished that Cinderella had lesbians and/ or felt that it would be better with lesbians, then I have the adult mini-series for you! Featuring a cast that is hot as fucking hell, this will clearly be a must see!

From the official press release:

Three-Part Series Starring AJ Applegate and Mia Malkova Out August 7, 17, 27 Exclusively at Girlsway.com

(Montreal, QC / August 7, 2017) -- Girlsway Network, the award-winning lesbian adult content site of Gamma Entertainment's FameDollars affiliate program, announces the release of three-part mini-series A Dirty Cinderella Story, starring AJ Applegate, August 7th, 17th and 27th, exclusively at Girlsway.com.

Bree Mills, who serves as Gamma Films Head of Production, and the series’ writer and director Stills by Alan have brought a fairy tale to life as beautiful underdog Cinderella (AJ Applegate) battles a wicked, dominating stepmother and cruel, evil stepsisters.  

"We thought we’d put a twist on a centuries-old tale of an innocent young girl in the crosshairs of domineering mean girls and stepmother – with a lot of sexual tension," said Mills. "We are proud of this new mini-series and hope fans love it too."

Part 1: The Evil Stepsisters co-stars Georgia Jones and Katrina Jade as hateful twins of destruction that give Cinderella one more physical chore to add to her to-do list: them.

Part 2: The Evil Stepmother brings Cinderella head-to-head with her tyrannical stepmom (Jelena Jensen) in a hardcore encounter that gets Stepmom off - while Cinderella gets to perform in the school play.

Part 3: The Happy Ending finds Cinderella in ecstasy, not with Prince Charming and no thanks to a Fairy Godmother, but with a famous Hollywood actress (Mia Malkova) who bumps into Cinderella on a walking path while reciting Shakespeare. As greatness is thrust upon Cinderella, she has to exit stage right and attend to her stepmother, but this course of true love will run smoothly as they reunite for a sizzling Sapphic scene.

Visit Girlsway.com or contact affiliate manager Derrick Gilbert at derrick@famedollars.com.

Follow Girlsway on social media: 


Launched in October of 2014, GIRLSWAY is an all-girl studio operated by the Gamma Films Group, the production arm of award-winning adult company Gamma Entertainment. Through their close interaction with the beautiful models and their loyal fans, Girlsway is quickly becoming one of adult’s leading all-girl erotica brands. The studio produces original and addictive content that mixes both passionate lesbian sex with interesting characters and inter-connected storylines.

Appealing to both men and women, Girlsway has made their presence known both in and out of the industry and has become critically acclaimed for their style of filming, storyline based content, talented casting, and most of all, their engagement with their members. With their unique vision and breakthrough content, Girlsway is becoming porn’s most dominant lesbian network. You can find the entire Girlsway content library available online at http://www.girlsway.com and to stay up to date with the latest news and releases, you can visit http://twitter.com/girlswaynetwork.

Video-on-demand viewing is also available at Gamelink, HotMovies, AEBN, and AdultEmpire. DVDs are exclusively distributed by Girlfriends Films to all major online retailers and adult stores.

Media Contact: Brian Gross, BSG PR, 818-340-4422Brian@bsgpr.com.


Terrifier- Weapons of Thrash Destruction (Album Review)

Musicians: Terrifier
Album Title: Weapons of Thrash Destruction
Genre/ Subgenre: Thrash Metal
Label: Test Your Metal Records
Release date: Jan. 20, 2017

Terrifier are a quintet that hail from Kelowna, British Columbia. They play a very fast and furious take on old school thrash metal. Their second, and latest, full length release is Weapons of Thrash Destruction, and it ranks as one the best thrash albums of the year.

The music is technically savvy and unrelenting. It's a full frontal attack played with utmost ferocity and aggression. The dual guitar attack of Renee Wilkinson and Brent Gallant give you a shred filled experience that cut and slice like razor wire. They are accompanied by pummeling bass and a battering drums that will pound you to the ground. The vocals by Chase Thibodeau are filled with enough piss and vinegar to drive a final death blow with each and every track.

The album opens up the shredtastic ''Reanimator'' which is inspired, I would imagine, by my all time favorite movie of the same name. It is filled with enough aggression to knock your ass into a morgue... ten states away! The pissed-off as fuck, ''Deceiver'' thunders right from the get go with unferreted rage and is accompanied by lightning riffs and blast beat level drumming. The intro of ''Skitzoid Embolism'' throws in a sample of one of Arnie's lines from the ultra-violent classic Total Recall to lead into a vicious song that is as mad and insane as the theme that it deals with. Taking a cue from Municipal Waste but doing it with a much more Anthrax or Overkill vibe to it, the band gives us what will be your new favorite ass kicking drinking anthem in ''Drunk as Fuck''. A peaceful and almost haunting acoustic instrumental ''Rider of Doom'' leads directly into the closing track: the Conan the Barbarian inspired ''Sect of the Serpent''. The thundering drumming of Kyle Sheppard feel like hooves of horse riding death dealers, as led by the evil Tulsa Doom in the bloody fantasy classic, as they slaughter the Cimmerian people. It's a scorcher of a song and is the crowning jewel in this gem filled album. 

I was absolutely blown away by Weapons of Thrash Destruction. It kills from start to finish and has excellent replay value. You will want to keep listening to it over and over again. If you love and adore thrash metal bands like Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Kreator, as I do, then this is THE album for you. Terrifier are destined to be new thrash gods, as this album tops some more renown recent releases within the sub-genre. This along with the latest releases by Warbringer, Kreator, and Overkill, makes this another awesome year for thrash metal. No need to jump in a DeLorean to go back to the old of this style of music. Just get your patch filled denim jackets ready and thrash to this fucker, as soon as you fucking can!
4.5 out of 5


It Is Time to Unleash ''THE BEAST WITHIN''!

The horror genre has a ton of movies that get frequent love from fans, some of which would certainly make mainstream audiences scratch their heads as to what their appeal is. But, one film that seemingly gets overlooked, expect by the most ardent of horror fans, is the truly amazing and bat-shit crazy, cicada monster flick The Beast Within (1982). Directed by Phillippe (The Howling II and III) Mora and written by genre favorite Tom (Fright Night, Child's Play) Holland, this bloody creature feature is unlike anything you've seen or are likely to see.
The bonkers tale, begins like this: Newlyweds Caroline and Eli MacCleary (Bibi Besch and Ronny Cox) are driving through Mississippi. Their car breaks down on a deserted road, cause of course that would happen. Eli has goes looking for help by heading to a gas station, that they passed by earlier. Meanwhile, a creature is being held captive at a nearby house. He breaks free of his chains and escapes. Back at the broken down car, the couple's dog hears something and decides to investigate. Caroline, who allows him to go (who the fuck lets their dog loose in some unknown road, at night no less, in the first place?!), decides it was a dumb idea (well duh, I could've told you that!) and looks for him. Her dog, sadly, gets mauled and killed by the monster. She hits her head on a tree and knocks herself out. The monster then rips her clothes and rapes, yes rapes (!!!) her! Eli and the gas station workers find her unconscious on the forest floor.
Flash forward fifteen years later, the couple's son Michael (Paul Clemens), who actually is a result of the rape, is very sick. The doctor cannot figure why the fuck his pituitary glad is growing out of control. They decide to go back to the town where Caroline was attacked, in case this is some sort of genetic disease.  As they ask around, they find out that the town folk ain't very friendly or helpful to their questioning.
They do eventually find some help from Sheriff Poole (L.Q. Jones). And, they eventually end up finding skeletons and chewed up bones buried in the forest. Before the bodies are discovered, though, Michael is being driven to kill and eat (!) town folk by an evil influence. There are also the sounds of the annoying cicada insect that accompanies precedes his kills. After, he offs his first dinner, er, I mean victim, he runs away. He is incoherent and eventually crosses paths with beautiful girl next door Amanda (Katherine Moffat), who he develops a crush on. Her abusive dad ain't to happy about them dating. As he goes in and out of the local hospital, Michael racks up a body count. And, on his last hospital stay fully transforms into something truly hideous, and somewhat cicada inspired, and that is when the body count really starts to rise!
For an admit ably, silly little movie, it sure does have a lot of plot doesn't it? And, there is actually a lot more that happens, but I cut it to the cliff-notes, version if you will. The point is actually just how fucking bonkers the whole movie really is. The Beast Within  rocks hard cause it just doesn't give a flying fuck where it goes or how wild the path that route might be.
Mora would go to make a fuck load of movies, and it's kinda sad that garbage like the The Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf (actual subtitle, not me attempting to make a bad joke) is more renown than this is. That bag of lupine excrement isn't worth a single frame of the magnificence of this masterpiece. Yet, maybe cause of Sybil Danning's amazing mammories, that ones gets talked about a lot more. To hell with that. I am here to throw some worship to this fucker!
Mora actually keeps things in line and builds some real good tension. The bloody climax is all kinds of ass kicking madness. The one thing this movie is known for, though, is the wild transformation scene. In fact, they must've all known that is the movie's money-shot, as it was part of the advertisement (look at the poster at the top of this article to see what I am talking about)! The movie is accused of having bladder overuse and abuse. Those who complain about this are probably lacking in taste and should go watch ET rip-off Mac and Me, instead, since those crappy FX are probably more their liking.

Said practical effects are incredible! Admit ably some parts don't hold up quite as well, today, but overall the make-up FX work by Tom Burman is superlative. I fucking love the final monster, who is both scary and imposing.  The choice of the gross looking, though admit ably harmless, cicada bug is an interesting and crazy choice. The gore here is truly excellent as the movie wallows in cannibalism, decapitation, exploding head, gory squibs, and more. It really is as one of the bloodiest R-rated movies of the early 80s. The fact that monster rape get thrown in, only further pushes this one out of the safer realm that some cookie-cutter slasher movies, from the same era, had chosen to go.
Michael is doing his best impersonation of a character from THE EMOJI MOVIE! Either that or this is his reaction to seeing it!

It should be noted that screenwriter Tom Holland based his script very loosely on a book of the same name by Edward Levy. There is very little that is similar between the book and movie. Holland would go on to prolific work in the genre, including writing some genuine classics like Class of 1984 and Psycho II, and eventually writing and directing other classics like Fright Night and Child's Play. Personally speaking, I think Beast ranks alongside his best work, and it could very well could be his most insane.
Do you think he just wants to listen to Michael Jackson's THRILLER? Cause, I sure do!

Another aspect that's crazy about this loony movie is how good is the cast. The movie actually takes itself seriously, as does its cast, and, somehow, it works. As, I stated before, Mora has a good control over the subject matter and drives the plot forward. He could not have done this as well, had the cast not done as well as they do in their roles.

Our ''hero'' Michael is played well by Paul Clemens. He is likable in his more human form, then downright intimidating as he turns evil. I have been a huge fan of Ronny Cox since I first saw him in Robocop as a kid. As the dad, this might be one of his most likable and heroic roles. He and Bibi Besch, as his wife, help to keep all the silliness in some grounded check, making you care. Katherine Moffat, here cast under Kitty Moffat, makes for a very appealing love interest. She is beautiful and sweet and makes for a great and believable girl next door, or at least, girl you wished lived next door. The rest of cast is equally good.
I first caught The Beast Within, when it aired on cable, when I was younger. I had read about it in Fango and Gorezone, and remembered that legendary horror writer, and my idol, Chas. Balun didn't like it all that much. But, that he did think the gore and the FX were great. I actually watched this one with my grandpa. Even though the nudity, rape, and splatter were trimmed down, I still enjoyed it, quite a bit. My grandpa thought it was quite silly, especially the whole monster rape bit, but he at least was mildly entertained by it.

Years, later, I would finally own it when Scream Factory released it on Blu-ray. From the moment they announced that they would be doing the disc, I was excited! On one of their sales, I took the opportunity to buy it.  Having not watched it in years, and then only in an edited for TV form, I was pumped to revisit it. And, man, it was even more awesome than I recalled it being! Since, then it has become a perennial revisit favorite, of mine.
The disc itself looks and sounds great. There is not a whole of extra features, just the trailer and two running commentaries (one with Mora, the other Holland), but it still a must own! Especially now, that there has been a price drop in it in many places like Amazon.
Man, a bad migraine will anyone wanna kill!

The Beast Within is just a fucking awesome and wild time. Chock full of graphic gore and a wild transformation, the impressive FX are a feast for the eyes. The plot is increasingly insane, and would probably never be done today, especially the monster rape, which would surely be considered a no-no. Accompanied by some serious talent, in front and behind the cameras, it raises the ridiculous premise to heights that probably are more than it deserves. If you have never seen this, you are doing yourself a disservice. Go now and unleash the beast!


Horror Crush: Erika Anderson

It's time to add another beauty to this site's Horror Crush section. That inductee is the stunning Erika Anderson!
Anderson was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1963. She did some acting and modeling, but her breakthrough role came in 1989 when she starred in the movie most know her best from, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. The sequel, itself, is pretty uneven but is still enjoyable and shines when compared to the mediocre Freddy's Revenge and certainly better than the crappy remake or wretched Freddy's Dead.
Anderson plays the role of Greta, a beautiful teen whose mom wants her to be a model. As such, she is forced to be around industry people and be on a strict diet. Freddy turns this on her when she is force fed guts till she chokes on them. Sadly, this one of the movie's best and bloodiest kills, is butchered in the readily available R-cut. The unrated version, which was only on VHS and lasersdisc and never DVD or Blu-ray, shows the death in all of it's gory glory. Anderson, herself, is good and likable in this role, even if this isn't the meatiest (pun intended) role.
The uncut version of the kill can be seen below:

A year later, in 1900, she appeared on one of the greatest cult shows of all time: Twin Peaks. Her role was of actress Selena Swift who stars as Jade and Emerald in the soap opera Invitation to Love, which is watched by various characters on David Lynch's classic series. This is a fun, little role for her to play.
The final horror related thing she did was in 1992, the TV horror/ thriller: Quake. The story is simple enough, whacked out neighbor Kyle (Steve Railsback) kidnaps sexy lawyer, Jenny (Anderson), after she is knocked out thanks to a devastating earthquake. He holds her captive, and she has to escape.
I remember very little of this film, other than I only saw it cause of my crush on Anderson. I also recall that the acting was pretty good, but then Railsback is always great. And, Anderson, by this point, proved that she was more than just a pretty face. I also remember enjoying the movie, quite a bit, even though Fangoria had given it a less than good review. At least, I vaguely remember their review to be that.
I had the pleasure of meeting her at the last Saturday Nightmares that was ever held, in a convention style capacity in 2011. It is also the only one of that con, that I ever went to. Anyway, she was very sweet, and tall, in person and still stunningly beautiful. I was so happy to have met one of my big childhood crushes!
Anderson is so stunningly gorgeous! Her tall and statuesque physique is breathtaking. It is capped off by her beautiful face and gorgeous smile. She was one of my biggest crushes growing up and with good reason. With this all being said, it is my honor to induct her into Horror Crushes (on a side note, Anderson is the third AONES girl to be inducted, the other two Elm Street alumni being Jennifer Rubin and Brooke Thesis)!