(Video) An Interview with Amy Chu at Five Points Festival 2017

At Five Points Festival, I got to interview comic-book writer Amy Chu. She was very friendly and talkative. We got chat about her work on the Red Sonja and Kiss comics (both of which are put out by Dynamite Comics) and lots more.
Check out in the video below:

All photography by myself.
Video shot by Ken Pierce of PiercingMetal.com
Video edited by Negative Pop.


Five Points Festival 2017, Part 2

I got to see and meet John Holmstrom, a legendary artist who has worked with The Ramones. His work within the punk world is classic and iconic! I absolutely loved the pieces that were on display/ sale. He, himself, was very friendly and amicable.

Miaw Comic had some very cool and cute figurines and plushies. Their company is French Canadian and if you're a cat person, you will absolutely LOVE what they do! They even have poop kitties! 

 How can you not love poop, with cat ears and pentagram eyes?!

I absolutely LOVED the art of Mike Capprotti! He had some really cool pieces for sale, like the Deadpool Corps one that he is holding up in the pic, below. As a dog lover and Deadpool fan, for me it is everything!

Some of the most fun and funny art, at the con, came courtesy of Alex Solis. His parodies of various pop culture stuff is fucking awesome! And, is just so damn talented! I bought his Baby Terrors book which has kawaii versions of popular horror characters like Freddy, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Jason, the Alien xenomorph, Dracula, etc. He signed it for me, of course.
 Trump is actually Mr. Burns! That explains everything! This fucking rules, by the way!
 Pokeball stickers! And, yes that is Jigglyuff''s testicles! 
You can see the coloring book I bought above. It is the brown colored book with big eyes that is to the right of the pic.

And, now for some random coolness:
 Quicksliver from ''The X-Men''' movies! One of the few cosplays that I saw at the con.

Last, but most certainly not, below is the lovely Emily Ree and her Anarchy Dreamers comic. I really liked her cute and cool style of comic-book art! For more on her comic, be sure to go here: http://anarchydreamers.com/

To be concluded... 


Five Points Festival 2017, Part 1

On Sat, May 20, 2017, I attended the first day of a brand new, annual convention called Five Points Festival at Pier 36, NYC. This new event had a very fun and more relaxed and intimate feel than many of the larger comic cons. Devoid of celebrity guests, it focused more on comics, and even more on toys making this a wonderful experience, especially for those who are just looking for a kick ass and yet chill con experience. My only really complaint is the heavy lack of cosplay. There was hardly anyone who did it. But, I did cosplay as the Punisher, which I had not since Oct. Anyway, on to some of my favorite things that I saw at the con.
The gruesome statues you see above are from a collaboration between James Groman and Instinctoy. King Corpse has too be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. As a lifelong horror and monster fan, a zombified version of King Kong is everything!

The Sectaurs are coming back via a kickstarter. They are returning courtesy of their creator Tim Clarke and Tim Clarke Toys. I LOVED the Sectaurs as a kid! The cool bug toys are some of the best of the 80s, but are sadly underrated. Regardless, this campaign will have a special place in my heart. He also had some of his other toys on display.
One of my favorite things that I saw at Five Points has to be the oh so very cool, imganitive, and cute, work from The Naughty Rabbit. Hand crafted by the lovely and talented Elizabeth Holmes, these adorable bunny figurines cover a bunch of pop culture characters. They range through Star Wars, Back to the Future, The Guardians of the Galaxy, horror characters (both modern and classic Universal), and more. They are so fucking awesome! It is clear that she puts a lot of care and time into her work. She also does commissions. My favorite, in case you are wondering were Chewbaca and the Gillman from Creature from the Black Lagoon. Be sure to follow her on her Facebook, for more: https://www.facebook.com/rabbitashes/

Another truly awesome booth was House of Darkly. They had hand made plush dolls by the lovely and super talented Anne Kirn. She was on hand with her mom at the show. Both were very sweet and courteous, and I just loved her work! While, I was present she was busy making a specially fluffy guy (right). My favorite of her, has to be the Craft Beer, which you can see her holding up in the directly below pic. Be sure to go to her site for more info: https://twitter.com/house_of_darkly
The last booth that I will be talking about today is DC Collectibles. They had a couple of cool and highly stylized upcoming statues of iconic DC comics heroes and villains, including Catwoman, Batman, Superman, the Joker, and Harley Quinn.


To be continued...


Horror Crush: Samantha Phillips

Today, I induct a multi-talented beauty, Samantha Phillips, into this site's Horror Crushes section! One of my long time favorites, Phillips is a truly captivating heartbreaker!
Phillips was born on Feb. 25, 1966 (making her 51) in Savage, Maryland. She is an actress, talk-show host, radio DJ, producer, and model.
WARNING: There are SPOILERS to PHANTASM II contained in this article!
She first caught my eye, and my heart, in her second role, in Don Cosceralli's ass kicking sequel to his own classic, Phantasm II (1988). In it, she played Alchemy. It's an interesting and sexy role. She is picked up by our heroes Micheal and Reggie (James Le Gross and Reggie Banister, respectively), as she is hitchhiking. She also serves as a love interest for Reg, our balding, former ice-cream truck driver turned undead ass-kicker.
At the end, she turns out to be an agent of the evil Tall Man (the late, great Angus Scrimm, of course). Her origins are left up to you. Which is too say: was she always evil? Did she get turned evil by the Tall Man before they pick her up? Did she get turned evil by him, when they left her to go on her merry way, which happens to be how I interrupt it. Is there some other explanation? It's part of the fun of the role, and the film. She is really good, super sexy, and lively in her performance. Phillips has this underlying hint of naughtiness/ evil throughout the movie, that is great, and honestly, really hot!
She is so hot that she actually makes pulling off the side of one's head and revealing their brains, sexy!
And, speaking of sexy, Phillips has an amazing body, which she gives us a good look at in the film. She appears topless and has a wild sex scene with that lucky dude, Reggie. She dry humps him, and we learn that she has a bald dude fetish! As such, she slaps his balding head!! Anytime I watch this, including my first viewing as a kid, I think to myself: that this is either bullshit or if someone as hot as her has this fetish, then being bald, ain't half bad!

Phantasm II is a long time favorite of mine. I don't think it is the best film in the franchise (that would be the wonderfully original and imaginative first film), but it is the most fun. It is without a shadow of a doubt the best of the sequels in the franchise. The film fucking rocks hard and Phillips is a big part of its appeal. On a side note, I would be hard-pressed to not mention the film's lovely female lead Paula Irving, who is a cutie in her own right.
Phantasm II is unarguably her best role and film. She would appear in other genre movies, though. Among them is her second best film, Full Moon's fun Dollman (1991) where she played a character named Tina. I have not seen this movie in ages. And, while I liked it a lot, I can't for the life of me recall her in it. Her next horror project was The Bare Wench Project 2: Scared Topless (2001) from exploitation/ schlockmiester Jim Wynorksi. I have never seen this surely boob filled parody, but she plays Sam in it. She starred in one more movie for Wynorski called Cheerleader Massacre. I actually like his Sorority House Massacre II, so this could be right u my alley. Anyway, Phillips plays Officer Phillips in it, cause why not?
Any of you have any thoughts or info on her post Phantasm II horror roles? Tell in the comments below, if you do! I recall seeing her years later in 1998 on the Playboy TV sexy news show Sexcetera as a reporter for it. In my eternal love of horror and adult entertainment I was soooo happy to see her on it! But, that is a story for another article.
Samantha Phillips is one of the sexiest women to ever grace a horror franchise. She has a beautiful face and a drop-dead, perfectly gorgeous body. Multi-talented and a woman who just exudes sexiness Phillips owns the hearts of anyone who has laid their eyes on her. As such, she is a perfect addition to Horror Crushes!