Title: Cathy's Curse
Diretor: Eddy Matalon
Writers: Myra Clement, Eddy Matalon, Alain Sens-Cazenave
Cast: Alan Scarfe, Beverly Murray, Randi Allen, Dorothy Davis, Mary Morter, Roy Witham
Min: 82
Year: 1977

Several years ago, a dad comes home from work and finds out that his wife has left with his son, leaving their daughter behind. Pissed off, and cursing, he gets in his car with her. But, when a bunny crosses in front of them, she makes them serve the car, causing it to crash. In the fiery aftermath, they both die. Cut to the present, or 1977, in this case. the earlier mentioned son, George Gimble (Alan Scarfe), is now a grown family man. He moves in to that very same house with his beautiful wife, Vivian (Beverly Murray) and their daughter Cathy (Randi Allen).
Soon, Cathy finds a creepy, old doll with its eyes shut. which belonged to the aforementioned dead girl (her aunt). Shortly after, dead auntie possess Cathy who turns into an evil and hilariously foul mouthed little bitch. Using her new telekinetic powers, she causes her nanny to fly out the window, drives mommy crazy, creeps out the dog, hangs around the old groundskeeper as he gets drunk, plus other admit ably anitsocial behavior. Vivian knows there is something wrong with not very sweet daughter, but George doesn't believe, cause well do they ever in these fucking movies?! Will, he finally get his head out of his ass in time to save his wife and stop/ help Cathy be free of the evil inside her?
Cathy's Curse is a Canadian production that manages to rip-off seminal 70's horror films The Exorcist, The Omen, and Carrie. To say that this movie is not even a half as good as those films is an understatement. However, in its unquestionable shittiness, it is something else, indeed.

The acting is atrocious. Alan Scarfe, as the not very smart husband and dad, overacts terribly. Meanwhile, Beverly Murray, as the wife and mom with the stunningly beautiful eyes, clearly has gone to the William Shatner school of acting and graduated with honors! Little Randi Allen isn't any better, what her wild eyes and flat delivery, but it works, well for this movie, anyhow. Everyone else is just as bad. On top of terrible acting there is some truly godawful dialogue delivered with a lack of commendable talent that makes for an uproarious good time!
The directing by Eddy Matalon is equally as bad. There is no tension or scares to be said of, though the climax does actually finally gets some moments of suspense. Which is all offset, by a truly hilarious ending, though, I am one-hundred percent sure, that was not the intention. Scenes jump from one moment to the next with no little to no seniscal reasoning, sometimes leaving a scene feeling incomplete. But, being that I saw the uncut version from Severin Films, we can assume that there is nothing more that is actually missing!

There is some gore, but not a whole lot, which is fine because none of it is very convincing. When Cathy's face goes all pre-Freddy burnt up, it looks mostly like someone throw some totatoe sauce on her face, as opposed to something truly terrifying.
If it sounds like I am taking proverbial dump on this movie, I really am not. You see for all these terrible reasons is why I enjoyed it so much! I had a blast watching it, as I laughed, a lot, sometimes loudly. The hokey ending in particular and Murray's seeming speech impediment being personal favorites of crappidom. Some may be snobby and look down at this movie as being total garbage (most critics do). But, those people are fools and need to stop taking shit so seriously. My only real complaint is that the pacing isn't always the best, and the movie flatters in a few of the slower moments.
This isn't one of the better known Canadian horror flicks, but its reputation, I think (hope?) is growing. Especially in light of last year's Blu-ray release by Severin. They put out a gorgeous looking disc of the never before seen uncut version. This is the version I saw on Shudder. I cannot compare to the earlier release, as this was my first time watching it.
Cathy's Curse is, for accounts and purposes a terrible movie. The acting, dialogue, directing, and editing are as far from good as humanly possible. It shamelessly lifts from better and more successful supernatural horror movies. Yet, for all these very reasons, it is comedic gold. A must for bad movie aficionados, this flick might just be your new favorite, it's so bad, so good movie!

2.5 out of 4 


The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 3 (20-11)

All pictures are from their respective owners.

20. Honey Bunch- Like her namesake, Honey Bunch is absolutely delicious. She has amazing curves, what with that big ass of hers and her naturally large boobs! She also has an awesome bush and sexy body hair. Her beautiful eyes and lovely face complemented by her long, wavy black hair finish making her the complete hot package. She has had solo and boy-girl-girl scenes, but it is her lesbian stuff that is the hottest. And, she has couple of those for Seattle Hairy Girls, all of which will make you spray your load in joy!

19. Nikki Silver- Nikki Silver is one of the most popular hairy girls in porn, perhaps ever. She is also one of the most beautiful. Nikki is breathtaking and gives hot as fucking hell performances. This brunette beauty is proud, and rightfully so, if her natural lifestyle. She has a lovely face and gorgeous, light brown eyes. She also has a wicked body with sexy, hairy legs. Whether working with a girl, guy, or solo, Nikki fucking rules!

18. Katie Zucchini- Katie is, quite simply put, drop-dead gorgeous! I first discovered Katie when I saw her in a trailer for a scene of hers with Rodney Moore on his site. As soon as I saw her hairy and long legs and how beautiful she is, I was immediately in love. Katie makes an immediate impression of anyone who is a hairy girl fan. And, for a smoldering double shot of hairy hotties check out her scene with the afore ranked Alice Hodges in Horny Hairy Girls 60. In it, they are both are working out, and then get into the type of hot girl-girl action that never seems to happen at any gym, I've worked out at!

17. Felix Weatherwood- A young and naturally beautiful babe, Felix is quite fucking amazing. Especially her round, firm ass which has to be one of my favorite butts. It leads into her thick thighs and long, sexy, hairy legs. She also happens to have an incredibly cute face with nice, full lips and big, brown eyes. Her soft voice works perfectly in her solo scenes as she talks to the camera and you, about her hair or whatever naughty thing else it might be. She is equally, if not even more so, apt in girl-girl scenes like the absolutely boner causing one that she has with Mahonia in Seattle Hairy Girls 79&80

16. Charlie- Charlie is such a complete and utter babe. She has a really great girl next door appeal to her, well if the girl next door was hairy. But, I digress. This cutie has a cutepretty face and awesome, natural boobies. I also love her hairy, sexy legs, hot butt, and sexy bush. She has this thing where she bites her lip that is hot as fucking hell! It is a shame, then, that there aren't a whole lot of scenes with her. But, I think my favorite with hers, and this wasn't an easy choice to make, is the one with her and Rodney, himself, in Seattle Hairy Girls 51&52. In it, she plays someone who works at a hotel and warns Rodney to stop shooting porn there. He notices that she is hot and hairy and asks to touch her armpit hair. It doesn't take long for her to give him a hot blowjob. So hot is this scene that I am usually done before the sucking even starts!

15. Gwen- I love Gwen cause she manages to combine a natural beauty, with a punk rock look, and, of course, hairy hotness. She also has these stunning, green eyes, that just make me melt. Whether looking into them, her hot, hairy legs, ass, or bush, I am entranced! She is at her best when she talks about her body hair, which is enough to drive me crazy! While, any scene of hers is a spank bank classic, I think her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 69&70, is my personal pick. In it, she tells us that she is entering a hairy armpit contest, perfectly exemplifying what I said she is so perfectly hot at doing!

14. Simone Delilah- The completely enchanting Simone Delilah is curvy, beautiful, and hairy, just the way I love them! She has a big, yummy ass and a hot bush, too! She also happens to have hairy, thick, killer legs. Put her in heels, and I am done! Anything she is in is nuclear level hot, but if I have to pick one scene, I would go with her lesbo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 79&80 (yes, I have mentioned the same movie twice here, so go fucking get already!). In it, she and earlier ranking Olivia, are closing up in an office. Olivia tells her the guy she is seeing doesn't like her hairy body. But, she ain't shaving and thankfully the equally hairy, and hot, Simone is there to console her. Fans of curvy and hairy girls take heed of this one! The leg shots alone are worth the price of the movie!!

13. Viola Starr- From the moment I first saw Viola Starr, I was fucking sold as a fan of hers. She has such a pretty face, and I love her shoulder, length, black hair and dark, brown eyes. Her breasts are a very nice size and her phat ass is a gift from the heavens! As is her bush, which is one of my favorites! My favorite scene she did for Rodney is her solo scene where she plays "your" boss in an office in Seattle Hairy Girls 71&72. She looks so fucking good in it (especially that ass and bush!!), and the whole setup (dude blows his load to fast with her, hopes you don't) is perfect. And, I'll be damned if I don't wish this would happen to me in real life (office work would be pretty sweet, if it was like this huh?). Her work with WeAreHairy.com is also well worth checking out. 

  12. Sarah Singer- Sarah Singer has one of the best pair of legs that I have ever seen. They are very long and, of course, hairy. I swear half the time I am transfixed on them. The other half, I am transfixed on every other inch of hers! She has a nice behind, a beautiful face with big, dark eyes and long, jet black hair, as well as an incredible bush! Sarah always looks delicious and any scene of hers is amazing. However, one is not only my favorite of hers, but one of my personal favorite and oft watched scenes period: Rodney and her in Seattle Hairy Girls 53&54. In this one, she is looking for and tries on used shoes that Rodney is selling. He tells that she is hairy, and she lets him know that being hairy is hot. A blisteringly hot fucking insues, caped off with a hot facial. Though, to be honest the beginning focuses so much on her legs, bush, and armpit hair, that I never, ever make it to the money shot!

11. Claire- Claire is, to put it bluntly, truly fucking amazing, a gift from God, if you will. Sexy as fuck, she exudes this from every pore on her hot body. She is a redhead, resulting in her bushy fire-crotch, which is a site to behold. She also has a truly incredible pair of knockers that are worthy of their own chapter in a book! Her legs are really hot and very hairy, as are her pits. She has beautiful eyes and a lovely face. Every single scene of hers I have ever seen, whether solo or with Rodney, are big personal favorites of mine. This is, in part, cause she is great at talking to the camera or Rodney, as the case maybe. Always hot, always sexy, Claire is fucing awesome!

The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 1 (40-31)
The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 2 (30-21)


Some Highlights from Bandai and Cryptozoic at Toy Fair 2018

Here are a couple of cool toys that caught my eye from Bandai at Toy Fair 2018:
 Of course, there was a lot of cool "Dragonball Z" figures!
 Their "Transformers" toys are so freaking badass!

Over at Cryptozoic, there were so many cool figurines. Of course, they have a lot of DC comics stuff, especially in terms of their super popular Bombshells line. Here are a few that caught my eye:
 These Lynda Carter "Wonder Woman" figurines are gonna be must haves for her and WW fans!


The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 2 (30-21)

All pictures are from their respective owners.

30. Lola DeMilo- Dear God, Lola DeMilo is absolutely beautiful! She is breathtaking with her beautiful face, big, brown eyes, cute boobs, and amazing bush, which all amount to one of the most captivating, unknown girls that I have ever seen in a skin flick, hairy or not. She actually looks like Shannon Doherty, which only makes her hotter, in my book! Check out her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 19&20, where, from the moment she appeared on camera (still clothed, might I add), I immediately fell in love with her!

29. Alice Hodges-  A stunning brunette, Alice Hodges has a beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, nice knockers, and one is one tall and sexy babe. She has shot solo, boy-girl, and girl-girl scenes. I should mention that she looks even hotter whenever she has glasses on!

28. Olivia- Sexy and curvy, Olivia is, quite, simply put delicious. She has incredible, natural boobs, hairy, thick, and sexy legs (that look amazing in heels), and she has a nice big butt. I love her sort of 50's style of bangs and glasses that nicely counterpart her tattoos. Any scene she is in is awesome, but her girl-girl stuff is simply amazing. Shooting with fellow hairy babes like Carley or Simone, they are proven to make you need to invest a lot of money in tissues! She appeared with the later girl in Seattle Hairy Girls 79&60, which is one of my personal favorite scenes!

27. Luna Rae- Sexy, beautiful, and very yummy, Luna Rae is a sight to behold and worship. She has the hot hippie babe thing going for her, with her gorgeous face and sexy, short hair. These wonderfully complement her incredible boobies which are worthy of a book being written about them. Then there are her sexy, long, and hairy legs which lead to her incredible bush. It does not take me long to be "done" when I am watching her, like her in her smoldering solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 35&36 (where is also the cover girl!). In it she plays a girl who just got a new stripper job and is gonna "practice" on you. The way she looks and talks to the camera is INCREDIBLE!

26. Zooey- Let me say this right now, Zooey is a breathtakingly beautiful babe. She has a beautiful face and a body to die for. I love her little boobies and her hairy and thick legs. But, it is her ass that amazes me the most. Her booty should be worshipped by all lovers of amazing behinds!

25. Rebeka Kane- Beautiful and busty, hairy babe, Rebeka Kane is as yummy as they come. This voluptuous honey has huge, bonerific tatas, a wonderfully, big ass, and awesome hairy and thick legs. She looks hot as fucking hell in a tight, white outfit like the one that she wore in her hot solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 13&14 or having hot lesbian action with the jaw droppingly gorgeous Ember in Horny Hairy Girls 26.

24. Vicki Juniper- Another hairy and curvy (yes, I REALLY like that combo!) babe, Vicki has sexy hair, especially on her bush!! I also really like her hot legs and amazing ass and, of course, her fucking hot and natrually large tits. All of this is awesomely displayed in woodie causing heaven in Seattle Hairy Girls 49&50. I honestly can't make it passed the beginning of it, what with her talking about her body hair and the camera going up and down her delicious legs!

23. Harley Hex- This all natural, curvy, and "kinky" and "queer" (as she describes herself on her awesome Twitter) babe is one of the sexiest and most real hairy girls currently out there. She is amazing in girl-girl scenes (of course!) and REALLY hairy! She also has a very pretty face and beautiful, brown eyes. I was first introduced to her via her HOT solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 83&84, and I been a dedicated fan ever since. And, honest to God, her scenes seem to get hotter all the time!

22. Teddy Sunflower- There are not a whole lot of blondes in the hairy girl world, but thankfully we did have Teddy Sunflower. Her strawberry blonde hair makes this beauty really stands out among her peers. She also has a real, sweet, soft voice which complements her hairy, sexy, long legs, beautiful bush, cute, handful sized boobies, and apple shaped booty. She shot a couple of scenes during her short career, including work for ATK Hairy and, of course, Rodney Moore.

21. Erin and Sara- The first couple to be ranked here, Erin and Sara shot two scenes for Rodney, one on Seattle Hairy Girls 11&12 and another in Hairy Girls in Love. Both scenes are amazing and feel very real, with the former being one of my top personal spank bank picks. Even the mere intros, in said scenes, of the girls talking about their body hair is hot. I am especially driven insane by Sara stating how she doesn't shave her like mom didn't. Total swoon material! Both of them are hairy and gorgeous. Erin is a slender beauty with red streaks in her longer hair. While, Sara has short hair and an big and incredible ass and killer breasts. Both of them have amazing bushes and great legs. Like many girls here, I wish they had shot more!

 The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 1 (40-31)


Pestilent Reign- Pyre (Album Review)

Musicians: Pestilent Reign
Album Title: Pyres
Genre/ Subgenre" Death Metal
Label: Rising Nemesis Records
Release Date: March 16

Pyres is the full length debut by German death metal act Pestilent Reign. It is a heavy, groove filled, badass release that quickly cements the band as a forced to be watched and reckoned with.

The band's music is highly memorable and sticks with you immediately. Clearly influenced by bands like Misery Index and Aborted, it has a very varied sound that makes them fun and brutal to listen to. They have a good mix of old school death, technically savvy playing, and groove laden hooks. Cristoph Sauner barks out vocals with a true pissed off style that adds the final umph to the musical proceedings.

The savage second track "You Will Kneel in Blood and Piss" starts off with an ear piercing scream that combines with battering double bass drumming and shredding guitars that quickly leads into a groove filled assault. A blast beat attack is the intro for the breakneck paced "Ouroboros", a track that is a true piece of unrelenting death metal. "Cleanse the Flesh" thunders right through with piss and vinegar filled anger that really showcases the excellent drumming abilities of Sebastian Unić. But, I think that they save the best for last with the monstrous final track, "Gutter's Filth" which combines an almost black metal like riffing and, of course, death metal brutality. The blast beats and guitars that come out of this one will rip your fucking head off.
I can tell right now that you need to be paying attention to and listening to Pestilent Reign. Pyres is a thoroughly enjoyable debut that assaults the listener from beginning to end. Taking death metal and mixing in hardcore grooves and some breakdowns, and throwing in black metal riffing, as well, results in their sound being complex. All of this makes this album stand out from the legions of band releases out there.

3.5 out of 5


The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 1 (40-31)

All pictures are from their respective owners.

Let me not mince words, here, I fucking love a beautiful, sexy, hairy girl. I enjoy this even more when it she appears in some quality porn. And, no one makes better hairy girl porn than Rodney Moore and his production company Rodneivision. This list took a lot of thinking and research, all of which was very fun to do (of course!). It encompasates the 40 best, most beautiful, sexy haisuite beauties to ever worked for him.

The requirements, for this list, are that each girl must have shot at LEAST two scenes for him (so, girls who only did a one and done one, are not ranked no matter how hot, they maybe), whether it be for Horny, Hairy Girls, Seattle Hairy Girls, Hairy Girls in Love, or Hairy Hippie Girls. They also must be completely hairy girls, so while goddesses like Laurie Vargas and Rucca Page maybe amazing and have great bushes, they aren't hairy everywhere, and hence won't be making the cut. Anyways, this fetish may not be everyone's thing causing these lovely ladies to not get the love they deserve in the adult world. But, they unquestionably are LONG overdue for some love and tribute. So without any more time to be wasted, here we go!

Honorable Mentions
Rhys Adams
Twilite Moon
Laila Nabakov
Miss Elvis
Sylvia Smith
Lynn Pleasant 
Ivy (redhead)

40. Kitty Bush- We kick off this list with the lovely Kitty Bush. Kitty has a hot, hippie girl look going for her, with some dreads mixed in with her straight hair. She is slender and beautiful, and has amazing, long, and (duh) hairy legs. This sexy voiced beauty also has a big and full clit. In her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 39&40, she uses, on camera, the name Darling Tree (but is credited as Kitty Bush on the title screen and DVD). Said Arbor Day loving name is in keeping with her hippie vibe and look, but I think she made the right choice by ultimately going with the cuter and sexier Kitty Bush by the disc's release time.

39. Carley- Carley is a very pretty, fair skinned , raven tressed babe. She has great legs and beautiful, light, blue eyes, that pretty much seals the deal for me. She has awesome solo and girl-girl scenes.

38. Bridgette King- Bridgette has a real girl next to door thing going for her, that makes her feel attractive in a very real sort of way. She also has a really hot ass and makes some really cute faces while playing with herself. I really, really like her solo scene in Horny Hairy Girls 37 where she has fun with a dildo.

37. Ivy (brunette)- The first of Rodney Moore's phenomenal, and award winning, Seattle Hairy Girls that I ever saw, in its entirety, and would own, is Seattle Hairy Girls 7&8. It's most memorable scene, for me, is the solo one starring drop dead gorgeous, stunner, Ivy. With a captivatingly beautiful face, amazing legs, and great ass, I was captivated by her the second that I saw her. Her bush and armpit, leg hair, and razor straight hair drove me over the edge! The intro focusing on her legs is the kind of stuff destined to make me finish many a tissue. While, always beautiful some other scenes of her are a bit too tame, but she will always be a spank bank favorite for the aforementioned scene.
36. Kitty McMuffin- Whether her haircut is short and sexy or long and seductive (left) Kitty has one of the cutest and prettiest faces that you are likely to see. She also has a very shapely looking ass. And, of course, her bush is amazing and yummy! It makes for jaw dropping and pants hardening experiences when she is wearing a short skirt. Also, she has one of the best names in hairy girl history. Just saying!

35. Valentine- Sexy and seductive Valentine really knows how to play up to the camera. For delicious proof check out her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 81&82. In it, she plays a girl who tells us that she just came back from dancing at a club all night long with a sexy hairy girl that looks just like her. Valentine has great legs, a hot ass, an amazing bush, and gorgeous, blue eyes. Combined with her sexy club girl outfit and hot looks, the scene is definitely one of my favorites!

34. Luka- Luka is just so goddamn beautiful! Her face is so cute, and she has a great smile. I love how it is complemented by her wavy, light brown hair, which adds to the sexiness of it all. She also happens to have a beautiful body and, of course, a beautiful bush. A heartbreaking cutie, if ever there was one. Note: her name is also spelled Luca, on her videos for sites like We Are Hairy.

33. Samantha Heart- When it comes to cute, hairy girls, Samantha Heart has it all covered (pun not intended!) to perfection. She has a very pretty face (which looks great as a blonde or brunette), an awesome butt, great legs, and nice bush. Then there is her slightly high pitched voice which adds a ditzy charm to her. In her solo stuff, she combines the airhead with the naughty, hairy girl to pants exploding awesomeness.

32. Rozie Cheeks- Pretty Rozie Cheeks (sometimes spelled Rosie Cheeks) shot a lot of scenes for Rodney, appearing in various entries of both Horny Hairy Girls and Seattle Hairy Girls. She has a real cute, an awesome, spankable behind, and amazing, God-given boobs! I could probably write a whole book about how incredible they are. She also has an amazing bush, sexy leg and armpit hair, a soft voice, and gorgeous, blue eyes, all of which only add to her cuteness. She is the total fucking package! Her boy-girl and solo scenes are all good, but my favorite is her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 59&60. In it, she tells her friend on the phone that her boyfriend is only into her boobs and not her armpit hair and bush. Baby, I would love every inch of you! In all seriousness, her skimpy outfit and dirty talk is fucking bonerific, in it!

31. Michelle Carlucci- Michelle Carlucci has long, amazing, and, of course, hairy legs. They are breathtaking and head right to her wonderous, plump ass. She also has beautiful, big eyes, sexy lips, beautiful, shoulder length black hair, and handful sized knockers. Plus, I absolutely love her smile! Whether solo or getting on some hot girl-girl action, Michelle is fucking incredible!