Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NYCC 2014- Fri, Pt. 2

So, now we head into my second part of my coverage of NYCC 2014 on Friday. There is a ton more of cosplay, so let's not waste anymore time and delve right into more of my favorite from that day!

 Hell yeah! More two more Game of Thrones cosplay!!!
 Rocket Racoon in the house!!
OK, I fucking LOVED this X-Men group cosplay. The fact that the hottie doing Shadowcat had a freaking Lockhead with her is just EPIC!!!
 The Koopa with a camera is just too awesome an idea!!!
 Sexy DC cosplay, cause that is always a wonderful thing!!
 Speaking of sexy, wow, just WOW!!!!!
 Adventure Time cosplay always makes the world a happier one to live in!
 Beta-Ray Bill was fucking epic, man! One of the very best cosplays at the con!
 Double the Chun-Lis!! It's like a dream I once had! Only much this is more PG rated!
 This dude really looks like Lex! And, mean in the best way possible!
 Clearly Ultron got the upper hand in his battle with the Vision!
 More Adventure Time cosplay! The geek gods are pleased!
I always had a thing for She-Ra's for Catra, so thank God this beauty did her as cosplay. This is another one of my utmost, personal favorites, at the show!

Speaking of AMAZING cosplay, my friend Nelson D. Martinez went as Darth Maul, and he did an awesome job one of my favorite Star Wars characters. He looked perfect! His finance, Ariel, did an AMAZING job with his makeup. I got to shoot a couple of pics of him, and I can vouch for just how popular his cosplay was at the show. Every few minutes people stopped him (and in turn us), to take pics of him or with him. But, how could you not want to do that?! The dude looked fucking badass!!!

 Battle of the Sith!!
 I think this Jawa might be in deep shit!
The bad guys unite at Comic Con!

Of course, there was some booth fun to be had, too. Here are some pic highlights:
 Beauty getting body paint FTW!
 I want this Black Widow. If you love me, you will get for me! Lol!
 Random coincidence, I am wearing one of my Spongebob tees, while writing this!
 Man, this Man-At-Arms statue is just, too badass!!!

I loved visiting the Troma booth. Cause it's always fun to see the Troma gang, especially since both of the lovely leads of the amazingly awesome Return to Nuke 'Em High were there! While, I had met the beautiful Catherine Corcoran when I was covering TromaDance a couple of months back, I had never met the gorgeous Asta Paredes. I would go back on Sat to get my blu-ray signed by them both. Then, on Sunday, I interviewed, Asta. But, you'll see those pics soon, plus more of these lovely, talented, and very sweet ladies, in more posts to come!

NYCC 2014- Friday, Pt. 1

NYCC 2014- Thurs 

Monday, October 20, 2014

NYCC 2014- Friday, Pt. 1


The second day of NYCC, Friday, began with me getting my ass out of bed, nice and early. OK, actually nice is really not the appropriate word here. But, early most definitely is! I was hoping to get the exclusive Stan Lee NYCC pop figure for this year, but they only get 200 a day and sell out of them in 20 min! Even though, I got to the booth early, it wasn't early enough. I would suffer for this, as I felt dead tired all day. That being said there was much fun to be had, enough so that I am splitting Friday into two parts of coverage.

As you might be able to tell from the above Legend of Zelda pic, cosplay was in full swing. Below you will find some of my personal favorites from this day (with more to come in part 2!):
Long time readers will know that this is not the first time that I have run into Pedobear at Comic Con. I always get a kick out of getting my pic taken with this perverted mammal! Lol!

The Tri-Force booth had some sexy DC Comics cosplay!

DC villains really seem to love Comic Con!
This Carnage cosplay is just too fucking wicked and badass!

Of course, my time was also spent hitting up some booths, mostly for toys, whether it's buying them or looking at them and wishing I could buy them or checking them out specifically for posting here, or a combination there of:
 The Red Ranger guards the Ban-Dai booth. This booth had a crazy-ass line, until Sun afternoon!
 Sexy Tardis alert! This hottie was at the Geeky U booth, who specialize in geeky apparel.
 As a hardcore Transformers fan, I was drooling for these beautiful but expensive toys.
Oh my God!!! This Predaking figure really captures the beauty, size, and badassness of who is probably the most powerful of all the Transformers combiner robots.
 The Alien Queen is coming soon from NECA. This gorgeous, fully articulated action figure should go around the $80 or more mark. But, dear God, will she be worth it!
Here we have some Robocop Vs. Terminator toys. They, and this is display, is based on the comic-book of the same name.
 This has to be one of the most awesome Terminator figures, that I have ever seen!
 Leatherface and Godzilla!! NECA really knows what, we genre fans want and love!

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/ Leonardo and Shredder hybrid with Spongebob Squarepants and Plankton is a Funko Pop exclusive from San Diego Comic Con. It's freaking awesomely cute and a tad on the more expensive side. Fugitive Toys was selling him, at their booth, which also had a long-ass line. Though, I did got on said line to buy the glow-in-the-dark Ice Giant Realm Loki exclusive Pop figure. That wait was over an hour, by the way! Still, better than the line for Toy Tokyo, believe it or not!

Let's end this part with a visit to the Vampire Freaks booth and this British stunner. This gorgeous booth babe, really liked my Hello Kitty/ Red Skull/ Hello Hydra tee that I bought off of TeeFury back in May. Her sexy accent and sweet attitude really made her a pleasure to talk to. Of course, so did the fact that she is hot as hell! In all, she's a great reminder as, to why this is always one of my favorite booths to hit up at Comic Con!

Well, that is it for this half. Stayed tuned for more stuff, not just from Friday but the other two days, as well!

NYCC 2014- Thurs