Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mezco Toyz' Living Dead Dolls Invade NYC

Mezco Toyz' Living Dead Dolls hit their 16th anniversary this year, and in honor of that they are looking for a mausoleum for dolls and artifacts to be buried there till the 66.6th anniversary on June 2064. On April 17, 2014, they hit Ripley's Believe or Not in Times Square, NYC to begin the search.

It is here that the capsule casket was revealed. It was transported in Hersula, the Cadaveric Superior Hearse by Joe Baxter and Reaper's Rides Hearse Limo Service. It looked so freaking cool in person! Also, the first 160 fans who came to the event got an exclusive coin marking the event (one side of it is the Satanic cross in the pic at top).
 The Living Dead Doll creators hold up the casket
 the casket and its' contents (above and pics below)
One of the guys from Ripley's and the Living Dead Dolls guys
Girls in candy skull make-up outside of Ripley's

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 4: 140-131

140. Dio- Master of the Moon- The tenth and final solo album by Dio has a very awesome fantasy inspired cover with a demon holding a moon.

139. Iron Maiden- Fear of the Dark- The first of many Maiden albums to make this list is the first Maiden cover to be done by Melvyn Grants, and it's a doozy! Eddie is presented as some sort of zombie tree creature, and in being that it makes for a very cool and suitably creepy drawing.

138. Anthrax- Worship Music- A bunch of zombies try to grab the Anthrax pentagram in this album marking the return of Joey Belladonna to being their frontman. One of the best albums of their entire career is marked by this cool artwork.

137. Arch Enemy- Doosmday Machine- My favorite of the Swedish melodic death group's albums has some very cool artwork by Joachim Luetke. I love how the the semi circle usually used in the Arch Enemy pentagram, instead has a skull seemingly connected to it.

136. Children of Bodom- Relentless Reckless Forever- The CoB grim reaper gets some cool green autumnish colors in the seventh album by the Finnish melodic death metal masters.

135. Dark Funeral- Angelus Exuro pro Eternus- The fifth album by Swedish black metalers, Dark Funeral has a very cool and, suitably, evil looking cover with Satan appearing in a cloud over a hellish world. I think this is not only their best album artwork, but also their best album to date.

134. Deicide- To Hell with God- The tenth album by the world's most evil death metal act has an amazing cover with a Christ-like figure standing tall in a hellish world where skeletons are rising from a inferno pit and reaching for him.

133. Death Angel- Relentless Retribution- The sixth album by this thrash metal band has fucking kick ass artwork in which some sort of demonic wolf stands over a mountain of his slain prey, while two others are behind him (part of his pack, I assume).

132. Disturbed- Indestructible-  The next album by Disturbed to make the list might be my favorite album of theirs. The cover, featuring art once again by David Finch, has The Guy looking badass as fuck with flames on and around him.

131. Heaven & Hell- The Devil You Know- Ronnie James Dio book ends this part of the list with his final studio recording. This album with his Black Sabbath mates has a very cool looking demon with three tongues holding up what appears to be some sort of demonic crucifix while a crucified figure is in the background of this hellish world (a lot of that in this section of the list, huh?).

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Burning Angel's "Strap-On Tight, It's a Lesbian Ride" Is Released by Mile High Media

All picture courtesy of Mile High Media and Burning Angel.

Alt porn hotties!! Lesbians!! And, it comes from director Joanna Angel, Burning Angel, and Mile High Media, so you know this is gonna be a scorcher!

Lily Lane, Brandy Aniston, Dana DeArmond, Krissie Dee, Jessie Lee, Tori Lux, Aiden Ashley, Rizzo Ford, Nikki Hearts & Roggie


From the Mile High Media press release:
“Each pair of lesbians truly fucked the shit out of each other without one dull moment in any scene,” says Joanna Angel.  “There’s a good amount of strap-on action, along with pussy licking and finger banging.  It’s my favorite lesbian release of ours to date – everyone in this sexy cast did an amazing job!”

The Sapphic pairings in “Strap-On Tight, It’s a Lesbian Ride” include Dana DeArmond with Krissie Dee, Tori Lux with Jessie Lee, Lily Lane with Brandy Aniston, Aiden Ashley with Rizzo Ford, and Nikki Hearts with Roggie.


Strap-On Tight, It's a Lesbian Ride hit DVD on April 9, 2014. Be sure to get your copy! I know I will be!